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Allergy Testing and Shots

An important aspect of treating sinus conditions is to identify environmental triggers that exacerbate symptoms. Our office has an allergy technician to perform skin based allergy testing. This allows accurate and prompt identification of specific triggers that contribute to sinus disease. Allergy shots are offered as the only way to change the way your body reacts to these particular triggers. Each patient receives a specific, custom tailored treatment regimen to desensitize them to the allergens that affect them the most.

Allergy Shots and Testing Hours

8:30am to 4:30pm Hours May Vary.

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Nasal and Sinus

Michael J. Lipan, MD is a board certified Head and Neck surgeon with a particular interest in Rhinology (sinus disorders). As a pioneer in minimally invasive surgical techniques, dozens of surgeons have visited his office to learn Dr. Michael J. Lipan’s master techniques for in-office sinus surgery.

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Turbinate Reduction

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Allergy Testing and Shots