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Image Guided Sinus Surgery

Image guidance during in office balloon sinuplasty is a cutting edge technique to improve the safety and accuracy of the procedure. Dr. Lipan is one of the few surgeons who regularly use image guidance during his procedures. It helps to achieve the best results while helping to reduce rare risks associated with the procedure. He has been using image guidance since 2015.

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Nasal and Sinus

Michael J. Lipan, MD is a board certified Head and Neck surgeon with a particular interest in Rhinology (sinus disorders). As a pioneer in minimally invasive surgical techniques, dozens of surgeons have visited his office to learn Dr. Michael J. Lipan’s master techniques for in-office sinus surgery.

Image Guided Sinus Surgery

In Office Balloon Sinuplasty


Complete Rhinoplasty

Nasal Obstruction

Turbinate Reduction

Nasal Reconstruction

In Office Sinus CT Scan

Allergy Testing and Shots